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What is copyright?

In legal terminology, the expression “copyright” is used to describe the rights of creators over their literary and artistic works. Works that lend themselves to copyright protection range from books, music, painting, sculpture and films to computer programs, databases, advertisements, maps and technical drawings.

Copyright covers two types of rights:

patrimonial rights, which allow the rights holder to obtain financial compensation for the use of his works by third parties; Y
moral rights, which protect the non-economic interests of the author.

In most cases, copyright law stipulates that the owner of rights has the right to authorize or prevent certain uses of the work or, in some cases, to receive remuneration for the use of the copyright. work (for example, through collective management). The owner of the economic rights of a work may prohibit or authorize:

the reproduction of his work in various ways, such as the printed publication or the sound recording;
public performance, for example in a dramatic or musical work;
the recording of the work, for example in the form of compact discs or DVDs;
radio broadcasting of the work by radio, cable or satellite;
the translation of the work to other languages; Y
the adaptation of the work, as in the case of a novel adapted for a script.

Among the examples of universally recognized moral rights are the right to claim the paternity of the work and the right to oppose any modification of the work that may harm the reputation of the creator.

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