Design - Filmmaker - Photo


“To look at reality with imagination, to transmit, to make feel … that is the objective …”

Lister Lares Yanes

B. 1971   Caracas. Venezuela

Based in München, Germany

Designer / Photographer

Superior degree in Advertising Design / 1994
Specialized in Corporate Image
Artistic / Corporate Photographer


Photographic / Artistic exhibitions

Single – “ESSENCIA” Max Plank Institut. München, Germany – 2018
Single – “CONTORNOS” Rathaus Gröbenzell, München, Germany – 2015
Single – “Landscape and Architecture”, Mallorca, Spain – 2014
Single – “Urban” – Mallorca, Spain – 2014
Collective “1st Outlander” Mallorca 2013
Single – “Urban Theme” Mallorca, Spain 2010 – 2011
Single – “Landscape and Tourism” Mallorca, Spain 2009 – 2010
Collective – “36th Chess Olympiad”, Mallorca, Spain 2008
Single – “Landscape and Nature”, Barcelona, Spain 2000
Single – “The Urban Art and Part”, Ccs, Vzla.  1996

Work experience


Photo report edition Top Chefs & Dishes “IN Riviera Maya  Magazine”.   Playa del Cármen, México                                                                    Corporate photography hotel  “Maria del Mar”.  Tulúm, México                                                                                                        Corporate photography “Grand Hyatt Resort”.  Playa del Cármen, México                                                                                                        Corporate photographic hotel “Azulic”. Tulúm, México


Corporate identity design. “Casa Latinoamerica”  München, Germany Advertising photography. “Several companies” . München,  Germany       Social reportCompanies and individuals” . München, Germany / Mallorca, Spain


Corporate photography. “Rugs&Croydons.  London , UK                      Advertising Photography, München, Germany                                         Architecture photography München, Germany


Corporate identity  “Grupo 7 Fuegos “. Mallorca, Spain                                    Social Report – Advertising, Munich, Germany                                                 Corporative photographer of the “Puero Portals” . Mallorca, Spain  Photography Tourism – Luxury Villa. Bordeaux, France


Design – Corporate identity  “ESCALA “. Mallorca, Spain                           Corporate identity  “American Country “. Mallorca, Spain                                          Advertising Photography – Events. Mallorca, Spain


Corporate identity  “EOLO”. Mallorca, Spain                                                 Corporate identity  “IB RED”. Mallorca, Spain                                                       Social report.  Brussels, Belgium
Photography Architecture. Mallorca, Spain
Photographs Real Estate, Paris France
Photography of tourist products and Arq -. Mallorca, Spain

2012 …

Corporative Photography “Grupo TRUI”. Mallorca, Spain                             Design and development / Web / Media Govern of the Balearic Islands.
Design, Photography and production for cultural events. City Council of Calvia. Mallorca, Spain.
Conceptualization and development of “Torre Miami” Seguí + Partners Project. Mallorca, Spain
Presentation of the Vertix grup inmobiliari project.Mallorca, Spain
Presentation of the “Maioris Tower” project. Maioris Group. Mallorca, Spain
Project presentation Hotel Dorint. Mallorca, Spain
Presentation of GranFolies project. Mallorca, Spain
Project Design Estudio Arquitectura Guillermo Reynés. Mallorca, Spain